Camp Helping Hands was an amazing experience for my daughter. She had felt overwhelmed by the larger camps she had attended in previous summers. At Camp Helping Hands, she flourished in the close-knit, hands-on environment. She enjoyed the traditional camp activities and came home singing songs and sharing stories. The community-oriented field trips were fun, educational, and helped impress upon her that there is a bigger world outside of what she knows.

Bridget Hearon

CHH Parent, Thousand Oaks

As an organizational partner and host for Camp Helping Hands, I had the privilege of seeing the impact that service-learning can have on the community and the campers. I saw it when the campers worked side-by-side with the Oxnard youth to plant a corn patch. I witnessed that impact when the kids delivered the harvest they picked from the Garden to those in need at the Rescue Mission. And I know that we had made a difference, and CHH had made a difference, when two campers returned to volunteer with us a week after camp had ended!

Katerina Friesen

CHH Partner, Community Roots Garden

Partnering with Camp Helping Hands was a wonderful experience! The campers were incredibly engaged during their field trip on the farm. Their previous weeks’ learning and activities were clear as the campers connected what they experienced on the farm with larger issues of sustainability and community need. The staff modeled engagement, curiosity, positive attitude, and hands-on participation. There was obvious camaraderie between campers and staff. After the campers left the farm, parents contacted me about coming back and getting produce from the farm. The campers had shared their positive experiences and encouraged family involvement – true young advocates in action!

Erynn Smith

CHH Partner, Join the Farm! 

Great camp and staff!! My kids love it and every year they want to attend all three weeks and are very sad to see it end. Meredith is the best, very personable and TRULY cares about the kids, staff and giving back to the community. I highly recommend this camp to all my friends. Thanks again Meredith for another great year, can’t wait to see what you have planned for next year!!

All I need to say is another great year!! Everyone is wonderful and the kids can’t wait for it every year, they were sad to see it end. See you guys next year!!!

Frank J.

CHH Parent, Thousand Oaks, CA

My youngest daughter (9year old) went there this year for the 3rd year in a row.  She and I both LOVE this camp and the people who run it.  She learns valuable lessons and has a great time doing it.  She actually told me that she wants to always go to CHH and be a counselor when she’s older (like her older sister).  I couldn’t recommend this camp more highly!!

Christine F.

CHH Parent, Thousand Oaks, CA

This is the camp you have been looking for – a character building camp with a focus on giving and being a good person.  Each of the 3 weeks is a different focus: environment, animals and helping people.  My son has attended 3 years now.  The staff are very well trained and the entire organization is organized and responsive.  We attend on CLU campus and it is such a great atmosphere. Meredith, the owner and founder, is simply the best and a very cool, involved, socially minded individual.  Very blessed to give this opportunity to my son.

Karis B.

CHH Parent, Thousand Oaks, CA

Our 9yr old son attended camp for the first time at Camp Helping Hands and had a wonderful week. Not only did the counselors greet him with a warm spirit, but they went out of their way to say good bye as he left the first day. This kind of connection is what I was hoping for so that my son would feel safe and secure at camp for the first time. The focus for the week was on people with disabilities, which can be a very deep subject. From my son’s feedback, he felt informed about how to be respectful to kids with disabilities and enlightened about how all people really are quite similar on the inside. This camp did an incredible job at bringing very important concepts to life in a beautiful way-a true gift our son will have for life!

Jessica M.

CHH Parent, Thousand Oaks, CA

My daughter did the full 3-week session of Camp Helping Hands this summer and loved it!  Who would have thought that a camp could make waste-water management and beach clean-up into fun fieldtrips? She also adored visiting and learning about local senior citizen centers — cannot wait until she is old enough to volunteer at one. And, the final week on animals — therapeutic horse facility and farm for abused/neglected animals — really touched her heart. This is a fabulous camp to send your child to if you want her/him to grow up and be a person who makes the world a better place.

Anna N.

CHH Parent, Thousand Oaks, CA

This was our second year of camp and I can say without any reservations that this is the best camp experience for young people in all of Conejo Valley!  The program introduces  many valuable life lessons and instills a delight in helping others with such joy and enthusiasm.  The founders, counselors, campers, and families are all so warm and caring that you feel sad to say goodbye each August.  My 7 year old and his friends can’t wait for the program each summer and come home every night with fabulous stories, lessons, and experiments for the whole family to enjoy.  The only complaint?   It’s only 3 weeks every year!

Jennifer B.

CHH Parent, Thousand Oaks, CA

My daughter is attending this camp for the 4th year in a row and she loves it! She looks so forward to it each year and comes home each day with something that she has learned. It has taught her so much about community service and compassion and is done in a way that is fun. The counselors are great and very caring and responsible. I recommend this camp to every parent I know!!!

Christine F.

CHH Parent, Westlake Village, CA

Can’t say enough about how great this camp is. This is my daughter’s 4th year. Every year is better then the last. I wanted to find a camp that would help my daughter appreciate all the things she has and to not take it for granted. This camp has taught her that and much more. I am amazed with all the things she has learned and all the good the camp does for the community.

Janielle G.

CHH Parent, Newbury Park, CA

My daughter loved the experiences she had with this great camp! Helping the community while visiting with Guide Dogs of America, sending soldiers packages, so many wonderful things to be a part of and learn about! I recommend this camp, and look forward to returning!

Jeanine S.

CHH Parent, Simi Valley, CA

My daughter has been going to Camp Helping Hands for the last 6 years and looks forward to it every summer. This is a service learning camp where kids learn to help out the community whether it be planting trees, making arts and crafts with seniors at the senior center, or sorting food for the less fortunate.  This camp makes helping out the community fun and educational. My daughter comes home from camp thrilled to tell me everything she learned that day. The staff at CHH are amazing too. They are friendly and interact really well with each of the kids. After hearing all about the wonderful things about camp from their younger sister, both of my high schoolers decided to be junior camp counselors at CHH last summer to earn service hours for their high school. They enjoyed it so much that they are excited to return this summer as camp counselors! Learning to give back to the community and having fun over the summer is a win win for everyone.

Lisa K.

CHH Parent, Agoura Hills, CA

Both of my boys have loved their time at Camp Hepings Hands and learned so much!

Annie P.

CHH Parent, Thousand Oaks, CA

Fantastic experience with exceptional heart and outstanding counselors. We are excited to sign up for our fourth summer in a row!! The program is incredibly dynamic and rewarding for our kids. They come out of each week with such a depth of understanding for being positive agents for change and compassion within their community. Truly remarkable.

Jennifer B.

CHH Parent, Thousand Oaks, CA

This is an amazing camp! The directors have such a good vision for CHH and they carry out that vision perfectly.

Shawn J.

Former Counselor, Thousand Oaks, CA

So happy to be back for the second year this is a great camp! My son is really enjoying it.

Karis B.

CHH Parent, Thousand Oaks, CA

My kids love this camp! And I love that they are doing something good for the community.

Jennifer H.

CHH Parent, Thousand Oaks, CA

Amazing camp teaching kids all the right things about being part of the community with an unbelievable staff.

Arianne A.

CHH Parent, Oak Park, CA