Programs for All Ages

The goal behind every Camp Helping Hands program is to get young children involved in their community by way of service-learning. Through service projects and field trips, CHH participants work together to help make a difference in their community where it is needed most. Each experience leaves participants with a positive and lasting impression. Not only do they feel good having taken part in something greater than themselves, but they often wish to do more throughout their lifetime. Seeing the value of their contribution fosters a sense of purpose, builds self-confidence, and cultivates an empathy and compassion for the world around them.

Do Good Days

Do Good Days presents Family Days, School Days, and Business Days. Each program provides an opportunity to get on the bus for a day full of fun-filled and heart-felt service that only the Camp Helping Hands crew can deliver.

Student Travel Programs

Whether we’re sending students to explore the role of government in D.C. or to get hands-on during a STEM workshop in San Francisco, our educational tours are designed to challenge assumptions, spark connections, inspire curiosity, and to change lives—all at the lowest price, guaranteed.

Summer Camps

Camp Helping Hands Summer Camps are offered in multiple locations throughout Ventura and Los Angeles counties and provide a fun and safe place for children ages 6 through 14 where they enjoy sports activities, games, swimming, arts and crafts, camp songs, and more. But the real mission behind CHH is showing young children how they can make a difference in their community and have fun doing it. Through meaningful projects and weekly service field trip expeditions, our campers learn leadership skills, develop compassion, and grow confident as they address real-world problems by taking action in their community.

Summer Camp Locations

Host A Camp

The Camp Helping Hands Summer Camp was designed to be easily replicated. If you are interested in running a Camp Helping Hands Summer Camp near you, licensing options are available.