Meredith Madnick

Founder and CEO

Meredith Madnick has started and run multiple nonprofit summer day camps, and is a “lifer” when it comes to community service. Still volunteering today, Meredith’s journey began when she was 15 and was accepted to attend a summer community service project that took 10 Americans to Israel where they cleaned parks, painted community centers, planted trees, and much more. After being paired with host country nationals for housing, the Israel experience changed Meredith forever and is what eventually led her to join the United States Peace Corps. While serving as a teacher in the Peace Corps, Meredith envisioned someday starting her own service organization that would not only provide a way for children to serve their community but would also allow her to spend more quality time with her family. As well as being a mother, anthropologist, and avid volunteer, Meredith has over 15 year’s experience working as a marketer and educator.


Christopher Regalo

Finance / HR / Operations

Christopher Regalo has extensive experience teaching elementary-aged children. Living and working abroad in Japan and South Korea for over 10 years, Christopher taught English as a Foreign Language to grades K and up. During that time, he also helped train and recruit other native English speakers for resident foreign language programs such as the JET program. Most recently, Christopher worked as an Account Executive for True World Foods, which allowed him to continue using his Japanese language skills as well as build relationships with international restaurant owners from around the globe. In his role at CHH, Christopher will oversee the expansion to new territories, which will include programs abroad for high school students in the near future. In his spare time, Christopher enjoys contact dance, writing, and practicing Kundalini yoga.

Amanda Stevens

Customer Service

Amanda has dedicated her life to working with children, teens, and adults to help them achieve healthier life styles. As a youth gymnastics instructor and program director, she had the opportunity to teach hundreds of children in the community the importance of setting goals and hard work. Amanda has also been a NASM certified personal trainer for over eight years, and currently she volunteers as a trainer for local moms’ groups in the community to help bring families together in a fun and healthy way. When Amanda heard about Camp Helping Hands and the philosophy behind Meredith’s ideas, she knew it was something with which she wanted to be a part. Camp Helping Hands has been one of the best experiences for Amanda thus far. She enjoys witnessing the joy that helping others brings our campers, and can often be found with tears in her eyes after hearing the campers share their experiences from their service trips.