Chief Aides are Jr. Counselors-in-Training (Jr. CITs)

A typical day for a Chief Aide Jr. Counselor-in-Training (Jr. CIT) may include recreational swim, partaking in hands-on education or art activities, as well as the opportunity to assist team counselors with preparation and facilitation of projects for our younger campers. Jr. CITs will also attend and participate in all service field trip expeditions. Through community participation and guidance from our senior staff, CHH Jr. CITs not only gain the benefits of community involvement, but they will also acquire valuable skills learned through a mentor-mentee relationship.

Registration rates are reduced for Jr. CITs, since half of their time is spent helping staff and administration. Cost for the four-week Jr. CIT program is $695. For Chief Aides (Jr. CITs), the one-week rate is $215.