Join Our Team

CHH Summer Camps hires one Camp director per location, and two Team Counselors per age group per location who are assisted by teens involved in our Counselor-in-Training program. Our oldest campers (ages 12-13/14) also help when needed and are part of our Jr. Counselor-in-Training program, a program designed to begin facilitating campers into a leadership role. Camp Helping Hands Team Counselors, Counselors-in-Training and Jr. Counselors-in-Training benefit from service-learning in much the same way our campers and volunteers do.

Summer staff may also be solicited to work our off-season programs.

Staff: Camp Directors and Team Counselors

Camp Helping Hands looks for qualified adults (18 and up) to fill our paid staff positions. Some of our paid positions are administrative, but mostly we seek to staff our summer Camp Director and Team Counselor positions. We begin accepting applications for our summer programs as early as January. Camp Directors must have managerial and/or teaching experience, while Team Counselors must enjoy working with children and be 18 years of age and/or have completed one year of college. Please read all of the detailed position information before submitting your application.

Trainee: Counselors-in-Training (Invitation Only)

Take a chance to stand out among the rest and have a great time doing it. Enrollment as a Counselor-in-Training at Camp Helping Hands is a great way to fulfill the community service requirements you need for college entrance. Plus, you’ll make great friends and have a blast all while you learn new skills and become an active member in your community. Counselors-in-Training are hand-picked and must have been previously enrolled in our Jr. Counselor-in-Training program. This invitation is restricted to teens in high school.

Camper: Jr. Counselor-in-Training

The Camp Helping Hands Jr. Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program is designed for teens 12 and 13 years old and 14- year-olds entering their freshman year of high school. CHH Jr. CITs gain new skills as they learn what it is like to work at camp while still participating in fun camp activities.

Registration rates are reduced for Jr. CITs, since half of their time is spent helping staff and administration.

Community Service Partners

Camp Helping Hands seeks partnerships with organizations that support the needs of children, veterans, the elderly, the homeless, the sick and disabled, animals, and the environment to provide summer service–learning opportunities for children ages 6 through 14. We are always looking for more partners, so if you are interested in having your organization work with Camp Helping Hands we are eager to hear from you.