Help CHH Grow by Hosting Your Own Camp

In July 2011, Women Work Smart, Inc. (WWS) piloted the first Camp Helping Hands Summer Program at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA. Since then, it has grown to five other locations in Southern California with more underway.

Getting Started:

WWS designed the CHH summer camp program to be successfully replicated. Success of the program depends on the collaboration and excitement of a partner group comprised of hard-working, determined individuals or organizations who commit to working together (and with us) to plan, run, and sustain the program. The ideal team would consist of people having both formal and informal teaching experience with children ages 6-14, an expertise or a compassionate interest in community service, and a desire to work collaboratively with service organizations.

An organization or team that purchases a license to operate the program receives significant support and guidance from Women Work Smart. The support is most intensive in the first year and includes:

  • technical support and guidance to help you plan and run the program your CHH summer program.

  • the CHH summer camp program curriculum, which includes lesson plans and schedules for each age group.

  • a compilation of nuts-and-bolts materials used in program administration, such as training manuals, daily feedback forms, online forms, marketing materials, and more.

  • evaluation tools (surveys) used to provide quantitative information about a participant’s experience in the program.

  • the ability to communicate with other CHH summer camp program providers.

WWS maintains an ongoing commitment to support CHH program sites in subsequent years through:

  • ongoing (but more limited) technical assistance.

  • communication, strategizing, and information sharing among all CHH sites.

  • providing updates to the CHH summer camp program materials, including training manuals, online forms, and the CHHsummer camp program curriculum.

First Steps:

Assemble a team of interested individuals, and think about all the skills it will take to bring the program to fruition (organizational, marketing, recruitment, fundraising, program design, program delivery, etc.). Assess your team’s strengths and determine how you can assemble the broad range of talents needed to run a CHH Summer Camp program. If your expertise is in planning, you will need to consider who can fulfill the educator role. This individual must know how to make learning fun as we believe safety and fun come first at CHH! Conversely, if you are an educational organization and have educators as part of your team, you will need to consider how you can involve people who have the skills necessary to coordinate service activities. We will provide guidance and feedback as you assemble your team.

Once your team is committed to the project, you will need to sign a licensing agreement with and pay a licensing fee to Women Work Smart, Inc. The licensing agreement sets out the formal relationship between your team and WWS. It also gives you access to a wealth of administrative and curricular materials you will need to put the program together.

Contact us if you need more information about the licensing process.