Become A Do Good Partner

Do Good Partners are local businesses and organizations that help support the Camp Helping Hands mission, which is to get young children involved in their community by way of service-learning. Our Do Good Partners serve as promotional partners to help spread the message about our summer camps. They also help fund summer camp for children who have a financial need and have demonstrated do good service for their community.

Our present Do Good Partners are helping seed what will become the Camp Helping Hands foundation. The foundation will award:

  • scholarships for summer camps.
  • tuition assistance for first-year college students.
  • the Do Gooder of the Year award – an annual cash donation to a locally-based community service organization.

NextHome Element Realty

Next Home Element Realty allows you to turn your home’s sale into a donation to the future of our community through service.

At NextHome Element Realty, we believe that buying or selling your home should be a pleasurable, stressfree experience. We build relationships with our clients on a foundation of care unrivaled in this industry. Understanding how complex the process can be, our agents know exactly how to assist you from start-to-finish. We consistently deliver an experience of authentic luxury, where you and your happiness are the key concerns. At Element Realty, we are proud of our elite team, built from our faithful agents and exceptional management dedicated to the Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Our innovative training for our agents and state-of-the-art technology allows us to market your property, find qualified buyers, and find your perfect home. Our collaborative environment is one in which all of our agents combine their valuable expertise to produce amazing results for every single client; and being an independently owned and operated subsidiary of Next Home Inc., we are able to deliver all of this backed by our promise: you will feel right in your Element. 

Garden Gnome Society

The Garden Gnome Society (GGS), founded by Leslie D. Beers and Orly Pittock, is a resilient and vibrant group of volunteers who support landscaping endeavors, campus renovations, and biodynamic farming. The GGS supports the farm education program at Highland Hall Waldorf School and also donates a weekly supply of food for the faculty! The GGS is a community supported group and all donations are welcomed!