The Camp Helping Hands project began when Meredith Madnick realized her upper-middle class six-year-old daughter was spoiled. Understanding that her daughter was incapable of knowing what life is like when you don’t always have what you need, Meredith decided it was time for her to learn compassion and empathy by volunteering her time to help others not as fortunate. Meredith and her daughter spent time on the Internet researching service areas of interest. While they did find programs that supported family volunteering, there were often age limitations and time commitments that could not be met. Many organizations targeted teen involvement, but there was a definite lack of programs accepting young children as volunteers. Meredith saw this need as a tremendous opportunity and thought a summer camp would fit the bill nicely, particularly since parents are interested in finding ways to expose their children to new and rewarding experiences during the summer months. Now in its seventh year, Camp Helping Hands presents Family Days, a one-day service program designed for parents who wish to serve side by side with their children, and the Camp Helping Hands Summer Camp has now expanded to five locations.

“I wanted to send my daughter to a summer camp that emphasized service-learning, but there were none available for younger children. Camp Helping Hands was created to fill this void, because I believe involving children in their community through service at a young age teaches them how they can make a positive and important difference in themselves, others, their community, and the environment. Not only will Camp Helping Hands campers be more likely to serve throughout their lifetime, but they will also learn to appreciate diversity in everything and everyone.”

-Meredith, Founder and CEO

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Meredith Madnick
Meredith Madnick
Founder and CEO
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Christopher Regalo
Finance / HR / Operations
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Amanda Stevens
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